Videoendoscopic Surgery – How this weapon can help you with your beauty. 

In the 90s, the endoscopic surgery started to be used in orthopedic, intra-abdominal, Otorhinolaryngologic and among other procedures. Currently, gallbladder, ovaries, hiatus, esophageal, appendix, painful pelvic adhesions, abdominal endometriosis, sinusitis, among other surgeries are no longer sought without even remembering that endoscopic surgery is an excellent method for these cases. In the field of plastic surgery, could not be otherwise. For this purpose, techniques and tactics were developed to improve some details, both in aesthetics and restorative areas. 

The videoendoscopic techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery in Brazil were strengthened with the completion of the Brazilian Congress of Endoscopy in 1999, in the city of Florianopolis. Since then, because of its excellent results, an increasing number of surgeons began to include it in their therapeutic arsenal. Today, 20 years after the first presentation on video-assisted plastic surgery, techniques and refinements have been greatly improved and only those totally far from this evolution are still not able to understand these benefits. The world scientific literature itself already includes the great advances in plastic surgery due to the video-assisted surgery.